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How to use the Online Password Generator

Create strong passwords with the online password generator - Free!

To generate a password choose your password options and click Generate.
This random password generator allows you to generate secure passwords that are difficult to guess because of the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and digits. For more security you can select to use special characters.
The online password generator generates passwords in your browser using Adobe Flash Player - so generated passwords are available on your local computer only. No passwords are transferred over the Internet.

If you need to copy a password, use the Copy button or highlight the password, then right click and select Copy.
Note: If you copy a password, it will remain in the clipboard. To be sure no traces of your password are stored in the clipboard, do not forget to clear it using the Clear clipboard button.
Key Features:

Generates random passwords of a given length (up to 100 characters).

Generates up to 100 passwords at once. If you generate a list of passwords, you can exclude duplicate passwords.

Includes uppercase letters (A-Z)

Includes lowercase letters (a-z)

Includes digits (0-9)

Includes special symbols (!, #, $, -, +, =, _ , @, %, *)

You can optionally exclude repeating adjacent characters.

Clear clipboard option.

Tips to generate passwords online

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Sunday, December 21, 2014